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Sample Paper for Integrated MCA 2nd year of Operating SystemItsMyAcademy.com

Sample Paper for Integrated MCA 2nd year of Operating System



Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                            Total Marks: 60

    • 1.      Attempt any FIVE questions.


  • 2.       Each question carries equal marks


Q.1      Explain the various types of Backing Store devices.

Q.2      Explain the functions of Operating systems.

Q.3      What is swapping? What is the advantage of this scheme?

Q.4      Explain process model in detail. Distinguish it from Thread model.

Q.5      Explain the various components of a Network. Also describe in brief the various Networking principles.

Q.6      Data given: (Time Quantam = 2 ms)

Process                         CPU Burst time (in ms)                Arrival Time

P1                                               8                                         0

P2                                               4                                         1

P3                                               9                                         2

P4                                               5                                         3

a)      Calculate turnaround time for each process and avg turnaround time in SJF Preemptive scheduling?

b)     Calculate Avg. waiting time in round robin scheduling policy?

c)      Calculate the above with SJF scheduling and compare the two

Q.7      A system with following processes and resources exists:

(i)     Check the system for safe state.

(ii)   Process P1 requests one more instance of resource type X and two more instances of resource type Z. Can this request be granted\/

Process              Allocation                Max               Available

X    Y     Z               X    Y    Z          X     Y     Z

P0                  0     1      0               7      5     3          3      3     2

P1                  2     0      0               3     2    2

                                   P2                  3      0      2              9     0    2

P3                  2      1      1              2     2     2

P4                  0     0      2               4     3     3

Q.8      Explain various Backup and Recovery techniques.

Q.9      Explain the Following:

i) Hacking

ii) Encryption

Note: Above Sample Paper for Integrated MCA 2nd year of Operating System has been prepared after reviewing few universities sample papers. We are not sure whether same or similar question papers pattern does your university has or not. We are just trying to help you by providing the possibilities. We always suggest you to go thoroughly with textbooks, teacher’s notes and the syllabus for better preparation of your coming examination.

All the Best!!