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Sample Paper for MA Advertising & Mass Communication - Advertising Insight ( 1st Year)ItsMyAcademy.com

Sample Paper for MA Advertising & Mass Communication – Advertising Insight ( 1st Year)



Duration: 3 Hrs.                                         Max. Marks: 60

Note:  1. Attempt all questions.           

2. All questions carry equal marks.

  Q1) Write short notes on the following-

a)                  Account Planning

b)                  Consumer Aperture

c)                  Personal Media Network

d)                 Database Marketing

e)                  Consumer Insight

f)                   Brand Contacts

Q2)    Technology has transformed the traditional way of doing business. Explain briefly,  how technology has impacted on communication function. How have brands used   technology (Especially the internet) to communicate and market their services?

Q3)      Ad agencies and advertisers are now veering around to the concept of ‘synchronized communication’ (or integrated communication), and brands are    increasingly using this approach. Explain briefly the concept of integrated  marketing communication’. Give example of two brands who have used this  approach and how have they used this approach                                   

Q4)      The concept of ‘full service agency’ is facing pressure from the newly sprung up specialized agencies. Explain, first the concept of a full service agency, and then the specialized outfits that have come up in recent times. Who are these smaller             outfits and what services them offer and how are they different from the   traditional full service agency.

Q5)      What are the various strategic approaches on advertising in another country?  What is the difference between the approach suggested by Theodore Leavitt and   Philip Kotler? What according to you is the best approach which an advertiser can       adopt? Explain with help of an example.

Q6)      What are the key features of Internet advertising? How is online advertising  different from offline advertising? Which are some of the most viable options for online advertising for an advertiser of FMCG products in India?

Q7)      What is 360 Degree Brand Communication? What is a Brand Challenge? What are the tools used and how? Can you take an Indian brand and discuss this in detail?

Q8)      “360 Degree brand communication is a new form of integration.” Compare the  new style 360 Degree Brand Communication approach to the old style integration.

Q9)      “Brand Involvement is the King”. Elaborate the importance of this concept concept. How is brand experience  different from product experience? Explain with help of examples.