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Sample Paper for Master’s in Library & Information Science First YearItsMyAcademy.com

Sample Paper for Master’s in Library & Information Science First Year




Duration -3 Hrs                                                                  Max Marks: 60


Note:  1. Attempt any five questions.

     2. All question carry equal marks.


1          How are information center defined? Mention the characteristics by which you can group them. List the types of centre under two of these groups.

2          What do you understand by “information Analysis Center (IAC)”? Explain the considerations to be kept in mind while planning and managing an IAC.

3.         Describe Document Delivery Service (DDS). State its need and characteristics.

4.         State the need for literature search in research and explain how you would conduct literature search on the topic “Digital Libraries”.

5.         What is translation service? Explain how to organise and manage a translation unit in library and information centre.

6.         Distinguish between House Journals and Trade and Product Bulletins explaining the characteristics of each.

7.         Define the term ‘Database’. Discuss its different types and uses.

8.         Briefly explain the infrastructure required for providing online information retrieval services.

9.         Write short notes on any three of the following (in about 300 words each):

(a) Referral Databases

(b) OCLC

(c) Categories of Technical Digest

(d) Pitfalls in Literature Search

(e) Tined Reports


  1. You can save above sample paper of Masters in Library Science & Information Science for future use.
  2. The above sample question paper is for Masters in Library Science & Information Science First Semester ( first year) students which we have prepared after reviewing few universities questions papers.
  3. The above sample paper does not ensure that you will get the same or similar question paper in the exam Masters in Library Science & Information Science; this is just a paper of possible question.
  4. It is better to prepare completely your syllabus, book and notes provided by teacher.

Good Luck for Your coming exam of Masters in Library Science & Information Science.