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Sample Paper for PG Diploma Telecom Management 1st Semester Production & Operations ManagementItsMyAcademy.com

Sample Paper for PG Diploma Telecom Management 1st Semester Production & Operations Management





Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                Total Marks: 60


  • 1.                  Attempt ANY FIVE QUESTIONS
  • 2.                  All question carry equal marks


I.          Discuss the operations strategies in detail by giving suitable examples to bring an easy contrast.

II.        What is forecasting? What are the different quantitative methods of forecasting? List out  the steps in forecasting.

III.       What is a facility location decision? What factors would you consider while taking a location decisions for an Automobile manufacturing unit?

IV.       Explain the capacity planning strategies by giving suitable examples.

V.        Write short notes on the following:

            (a)        Flow process

            (b)       Product and process layout

VI.       Write short notes on the following

            (a) Computer Aided Design

            (b) Value Analysis and engineering

VII.     Distinguish between the Economic order Quantity model and Production order quantity   model, of inventory control.

VIII.    Explain the term MRP. What are its aims and objectives? What is the difference between MRP1 & MRP11?    

XI.       Write Short Notes any TWO of the following: –

            a. Vertical Integration

            b. Product and process layout

            c. Service Design


  • You can save above sample paper of PG Diploma in Telecom Management for future use.
  • Above Sample Paper of  PG Diploma in Telecom Management “Production & Operation Management” has been prepared for 1st  semester students after reviewing few universities question papers.
  • We do not ensure you that the same or similar question will come in your examination; we are just working on possibilities.
  • We always requests you along with this sample paper please go completely with your PG Diploma in Telecom Management syllabus, teacher’s note, books for better result.