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Solving Trigonometric Expression From Given Relation- RatioItsMyAcademy.com

Solving Trigonometric Expression From Given Relation- Ratio

In previous post we learned to find out the 5 other trigonometric ratios if we are given one !

Now in this page we are now going to solve a problem. In this problem we have to find out the

value of a trigonometric expression from a given relation or ratio !

Its simple ” Think in Mind” . Now lets start our lesson !

Did you take you Note Book & Pen ? Great to hear!

Great ! how was it ?

What did we learned?

1.  From the given relation, find out the trigonometric ratio.

2. Make a right angled triangle and then locate the Perpendicular, Base & Hypotenuse !

3. Use Pythagoras Theorem to find out the missing side – may be Hypotenuse, Base or Perpendicular !

4. Right the trigonometric ratios that has been used in trigonometric expression.

5. Put the value of those ratios in expression and then solve it

That’ all right !

Now try these problems! If you feel any problem then comment !

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