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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps for StudentsItsMyAcademy.com

Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps for Students

Almost every day, new apps are being designed to help students learn new information, study for tests, and organize their homework and projects. However, some apps are much better than others. Here are ten of the best apps to help a student be more successful.

1. Evernote – Free

Evernote is one of the most popular apps for anyone with a smartphone simply because it is so useful. It helps you remember anything from class notes, project ideas, or due dates with notes, photos, and recordings. You can also sync your notes up with your computer so that you’re always updated.

2. iStudiez Pro – $2.99

Organization is important for any student, especially those who normally have trouble remembering everything on their schedules. Schedule classes, study groups and due dates in a built-in planner. Keep track of different activities with icons and color-coding. Receive daily summaries of your schedule and alerts for important tasks.

3. Genius Scan – Free

This app is truly genius. Scan any type of document, from a textbook page, sticky note, or even a whiteboard, and save it to read later in PDF format. The technology allows you to scan a document from any angle – it will adjust the perspective automatically.

4. World Atlas by National Geographic – $1.99

Who needs Google Maps when you can have this quality atlas? World Atlas has high-resolution images of world maps with capabilities to zoom in and view different countries and capitals. There is also a “Flags and Facts” database that gives you socio-economic data from around the world.

5. Alegbra Touch – $2.99

This is a perfect app for students learning algebra or those who need a refresher. You can solve various levels of algebra problems by dragging and tapping the numbers in different ways – suddenly math becomes fun and comprehensible!

6. myHomework – Free

For students who have lots of work on their plates, this app help them keep track of when homework and projects are due. It includes a calendar display, scheduling tools, and due date reminders. It also syncs up with myhomeworkapp.com, which provides additional features for scheduling and organization.

7. Mental Case Flashcards – $4.99


Flashcards are a time-honored study tool, but they become even more useful with this app. Whether studying French vocabulary woods or parts of anatomy, you can create flashcards for any subject with text, audio, and images. You can even download ready-made sets of flashcards from various databases.

8. New Oxford American Dictionary – $29.99

It’s now possible to carry a dictionary around in your pocket with this app. Its hefty price tag reflects the amazing repository of over 350,000 words and definitions you can look up wherever you are. It also includes current terms from fields such as technology, computing, and current affairs.

9. Periodic – $0.99

The Periodic Table of Elements is an essential reference tool for any budding scientist. This app provides accurate information about each element such as atomic number, weight, radius, melting point, and electron configuration.

10. Convert – $0.99

Converting various units of measure can be time-consuming – this app makes it simple. You can convert a wide variety of units including area, currency, energy, speed, temperature, and even computer units like bits and bytes. From recipes to physics problems, this app will certainly be useful to any student.

This article was written by Nathan Henley. He is a sports psychologist who specializes in performance improvement and injury rehabilitation. He also owns the site-


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