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How to Find Trigonometric Ratios Based on Reference AngleItsMyAcademy.com

How to Find Trigonometric Ratios Based on Reference Angle

Hi ! I hope you are watching continuously the videos series of trigonometry.

Now you are perfect in trigonometric fundamental concept please learn & remember those tricks  & short sentences.

Now in this videos we are going to learn – how to find the trigonometric ratios based on the reference angle taken.

First think this concept is really simple and now watch this video taking you notebook and pen !

In this problem the main thing is how you observe the right angle triangle and determining the Perpendicular & Base Side. First see the

reference angle in the question which angle it is then use the  as we already discussed trick-

1st –    Luther Had Some Books Of Personality.

L – H Largest/Longest side   Hypotenuse

S-B Seat of angle Base

O- P –  Opposite of angle Perpendicular

And then see which trigonometric ratios you have to find out using 2nd trick – Some People Have Curly Black  Hair They Perform  Best.

Some (Sine) Curly (Cos) They (Tan)
People  (P) Black  (B) Perform (P)
Have     (H) Hair   (H) Best          (B)

Here I am listing some problems please solve and  if you feel any problem then please comment !

If you have finished doing these all then lets watch another video  –

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