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Trigonometry-Solving Trigonometric Expression Using Pythagoras TheoremItsMyAcademy.com

Trigonometry-Solving Trigonometric Expression Using Pythagoras Theorem

In previous trigonometric tutorial we learned to find the value of trigonometric expression from given relation or ratio.


In this trigonometric lesson also we will try to Solve Trigonometric Expression Using Pythagoras Theorem.

It is almost same as previous this video is just for the more practice and clearance !

So, close you eyes and command your first its simple !

Now, lets start our lesson !  I hope you have taken your pen and notebook!

Yeee ! How was that ! Hope You understood the problem!

What we learned actually?

1. From the given relation, find out the trigonometric ratio.

2. Make a right angled triangle and then locate the Perpendicular, Base & Hypotenuse !

3. Use Pythagoras Theorem to find out the missing side – may be Hypotenuse, Base or Perpendicular !

4. Right the trigonometric ratios that has been used in trigonometric expression.

5. Put the value of those ratios in expression and then solve it.

Here I have listed some of problems related to above problems, I mean related as finding the  value of trigonometric expression using Pythagoras Theorem.

Well if You have finished the solving these problems then lets go for another trigonometric tutorial.

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