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What is Probability ? Basics Concepts of Probability in MathsItsMyAcademy.com

What is Probability ? Basics Concepts of Probability in Maths

Welcome to Very First Video lesson of Probability!

The word “Probably” is commonly used in our daily life conversations and we generally use this word even without going into details of its actual meaning.

Generally, people have a rough idea about its meaning. In our daily life we come across statements like :

1.       It will rain probably today.

2.       I doubt that he will pass the test.

3.       Most probably, Samit will stand stand first in the in test.

4.       Chances are high that the prices of fuel will go up.

5.       There is 50% chance of America winning a toss in today’s match.

In these kinds of statement we generally use the terms “probably”, “Doubt”, “Chance”, “possibly” etc. They convey the same sense or message that the the event is not certain to take place.  They all means “Uncertainty.”

The study of uncertainty will do here in probability chapter of mathematics. Concept of probability was originated in the beginning of 18th century in problems pertaining to games of chances such as throwing a die, tossing a coin, drawing a card from a pack of cards etc.

Starting with games of chance like gambling “probability” today has become one of the basic tools of statistical and has wide range of application in Science and Engineering.

Probability is defined as,

Probability = Number of trials to happen an event (E)  / Total number of trials

Probability is generally expressed in fraction, decimal or sometimes in Percentage (%) too.

Keep in Mind

Probability of occurrence of an Event is always greater than or equal to 0 but less than or equal to 1.

If Probability of occurrence of an an even is 0 then it means that the even will never ever happen or impossible in that condition. I mean 0% probability.

If probability of occurrence of an event is 1, it means is it sure/certain to happen that event in that condition. I mean 100% sure.

Here in above video lesson we  discuss about basic idea of  probability . It was an experimental or empirical approach to probability. In Next level of Probability we will learn the theoretical approach to probability.

Now in next video we will lean some problems related to probability.