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Why People Think Unlucky Themselves?ItsMyAcademy.com

Why People Think Unlucky Themselves?

You know my friend; I have felt that “Fatalistic Attitude” stops a person to be the responsible. They think Success & Failure both are due to luck. They leave themselves depending on luck. They starts believing in Planets and Astrology believe whatever is to be happen it will must happen. And they never try to do anything and self satisfaction becomes their life. They wait for something to happen rather doing something for making something to happen.  And light weighted people get caught in the paw of Priest, Astrologer, Sadhus(Holy people found in Eastern Asia) etc.

Courageous and Self-Esteemed people always believe in- “Cause & Effect”.

People Thinks that they are unlucky and say mostly-

1.       I will try.

2.       I will see it will happen or not.

3.       I will try once.

4.       What I will loss?

5.       By the way, I didn’t try much. ………………….and many more…

Like these people surely get failure as they don’t have courage, commitment & self confidence.

My Friend please read& analyze  this story –

There was a man who purchased a ‘Horse” from the “World Horse Racing Competition” and wrote “World’s Fastest Running Horse”. The owner never made him running and neither had he trained him in such way. After some time he ran his horse in another competition. The horse became the last one. Then again he put another shine board in his back and wrote- “Fastest World for This Horse”

Due to lack of fundamentals people become failure and then start saying “ i am UNLUCKY.”

Please don’t feel unlucky even after watching these pics:-



Photos- images.google.com & youshowmefirst.blogspot.com


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    @ Jan Ahmed Thanks for comment.. Yeah we are definitely Lucy…to see such beautiful word.